Here you fill find a list of all our soap batches begining with the latest batch at the top of the list below.

Our soaps are made from the finest available ingredients and we donít cut corners with inferior oils or butter substitutes. We find that a good mix of oils and butters makes the best soap and we use from 4 to 6 different oils and butters in our soaps. We also try to stay as vegan and natural as possible when it comes to colorants and additions to our soap. We donít use any animal fats, nor do we use palm oil.

For colorants we usually stick to natural ingredients, Indigo for blue, alkanet root for purple, coffee and cocoa for brown, Red and black iron oxide along with activated charcoal are used as well. We also use yellow, pink and white clays to add color and slip to our soaps.
Sometimes we will use mica based colors for their brightness and ultramarine blue which is a manmade lapis lazuli.

Lastly we usually dissolve a touch of raw silk into our soaps to add slip (no silkworms are harmed when acquiring the silk).

For fragrance we rely on the natural butters (cocoa and shea) as well as the essential oils of tea tree and lemon grass.

Shower & Scrub Bar made May 14, 2018: batch#140518SC01
Tripple S Bar made April 25, 2018: batch#250418SH01
Shower & Scrub Bar made Oct 24, 2017: batch#exp1
Tripple S Bar made July 10, 2017: batch#exp2
Shower & Scrub Bar made July 10, 2017: batch#exp3
Extra oil Bar made June 1, 2017: batch#exp4
Shower & Scrub 2 sided Bar made June 1, 2017: batch#exp5