Tripple S Bar

Mold used: 2pound loaf
Number of Bars: 12
Date made :July 10, 2017
Batch Number: exp2
Grit: None
Essential Oils: Tea Tree
Fragerance: Cocoa Butter, Tea Tree
bar size: 2.5 X 3 X 1.25 inches at 5oz or more
Price per bar: $8
Availability: SOLD OUT

Our fabulous Shower Shave & Shampoo soap bar using a luxury mix of oils and butters.

Oils & Butters
We start with pure virgin olive oil and add a generous amount of coconut oil as the base for this Soap. Add 15% castor oil to give the bar its amazing lather along with 5% shea butter and 5% cocoa butter for their wonderful soap qualities.

All our oils and butters are unrefined food grade and so you get all the natural goodness packed into your soap (we even cook with most of these oils… scrambled eggs in cocoa butter is to die for)

The magic soap making ingredient
You can’t make a soap bar without adding water and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). We add just enough NaOH to keep 5% of the oils and butters suspended as oil in the bar. We test the PH just to make sure it is below a PH of 8 to ensure no sodium hydroxide is left in the bar after it has cured.

The colors for this bar
For color the blues and greens in this bar come from Mica and Ultramarine blue.

The Topoff
To top the bar off we add Tea Tree essential oils and finally a pinch of raw silk dissolved into the bar to smooth things out. The silk we use comes from hatched cocoons so no silkworms were harmed while procuring the silk.
A few drops of vitamin E (tocopherol) are added as a preservative for the oils not turned into soap